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Random Photo entry! I finally got around to getting a new USB cable for my phone, so I've uploaded the photos from there. can't remember what I have & haven't posted, so will just stick a few on here!

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You know you're loved when....

* You have more bulk messages than proper messages when you sign into your email account...

*... or have none at all

* your own father promises to call & never does

* the only post you get is junk mail

* you can go for 12 hours & the only person you've spoken to is yourself...

* ... or a pet

The job centre are full of shit. because I've worked more than 16 hours a week on a few occasions, those hours may be averaged out over weeks I'm not working, so I may not get any benefits at all some weeks. which wouldn't be so bad if I was actually working & had some money coming in. Quite how I'm supposed to pay the bills I'll never know.

So what did I do to try & cheer myself up? I spent money. So tomorrow I'm going to posrt pics of the cards I've made & see if any of the 3 people who actually read my LJ are interested in buying any.
TV- Adam is adorkable
Title: I was born to tell you I love you- part 1
Author: Sarah AKA Sassysfic
Pairing: Danny Messer/Lindsay Monroe, Don Flack/original character
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: None of this is true, I don’t own any of the CSI:NY characters (if I did Don Flack would be my love slave!)
Author's note: 1) thought it was time Flack got some love too!
2) cross-posted so apologies if you see this a million times
3) un-beta so please excuse typos!

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17th-May-2006 07:48 pm - jumping on the bandwagon...

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7she_says_it_all7 7
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9me_2_you_bears4 4
10litarana4 4
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Total Commenters: 17 (1 not shown)
Total Comments: 387

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Guys, this is kinda pathetic!!!!!
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5th-May-2006 07:58 pm - FRIENDS ONLY

Created by me!

and because I'm slightly bonkers and indecisive, I HAVE to include these 2 amazing banner from the fabulous appelezmoi_coco

If you can see more than this, then welcome to my friends list!
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